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Easter Long Weekend Home Security Tips - If You're Heading Away!

It doesn’t really matter when you’re heading away, these tips can apply whether you’re going away for the day or a month, it’s good practice to check the security around your home on a regular basis. It’s hard to think of every little thing to do before you head away, but we’ve prepared some helpful ‘Handy Hints’ which will hopefully assist you in checking the security of your home before you go away on holiday.

Handy Hint Number 1:

Keep all your locks lubricated! When locks are exposed to the elements, they can dry out and seize, if the locks haven’t been used for a period of time, this often happens. Get yourself some WD40 or CRC and get spraying!

Handy Hint Number 2:

Lock all your entrance sets, deadbolts, security screens and windows using the key, before you go away. Deadbolting or deadlocking, reduces the risk of an easy get away.

Handy Hint Number 3:

Make sure your security devices are on and working. Clear away any cobwebs or dust and clean the lenses from any water stains or marks. If you check the vision at night, you’ll soon see if you have cobwebs!

Handy Hint Number 4:

Put a piece of pipe in your sliding door and window tracks to restrict the sliding movement. Yes, we all know that a thief can just brake the glass and get in anyway, but it also makes a lot of noise, just another tip, to make it less easy!

Handy Hint Number 5:

Store away bikes, scooters, small furniture, tools and pot plants from prying eyes.

Handy Hint Number 6:

Disable the garage door, by turning off the power to remove easy exits.

Handy Hint Number 7:

Tell your trusted neighbour about your travel plans, so they know to keep a watchful eye on the property for you.

Handy Hint Number 8:

Make sure your house smart controlled or set timers to make it look like you’re home. Most modern TV’s have timers, you can set your TV to turn on and turn off at different times of the day. Even lighting these days can be set on timers, so be sure to set these!

Handy Hint Number 9:

Make sure entries are free of obstructions, such as bushes, plants and decorative screens. An opportunist thief will look for places to hide, so don’t give them one!

Handy Hint Number 10:

Keep all important documents and possessions in a safe place and out of sight. Keep laptops, iPads and other devices including chargers away from windows where they can be seen. 

Handy Hint Number 11:

Don’t post your plans on social media platforms. As tempting as it is to show the world what you’re up to, it can also be a very dangerous thing to do, especially if your privacy settings are not private!

Handy Hint Number 12:

If bin day falls while you’re away, ask you trusted neighbour to put your bin out for you and bring it back in. Also ask them to check your letter box for any mail, so it’s not overflowing with mail. Often this is a sign to an opportunist that you’re not home.

Handy Hint Number 13:

Check your light sensors are working, change any light bulbs that are blown and not working. Lighting is one of the best ways to stop a potential thief from entering your home.

Handy Hint Number 14:

Keep all spare keys for your home and any vehicles off site or in a safe place. NOT in your undies drawer! Keep these items in a safe if you have one or with someone you can trust. This eliminates the thief from being able to steal your vehicle.

We hope that we’ve given you some helpful tips to think about, before you head away this Easter long weekend.  If you find you’ve got some locks that aren’t working or broken, take a photo and send it through to us, via our contact page – button below or via text and we will do our best to get this sorted for you!

Article Credit: Altitude Locksmiths and Neighbourhood Watch WA. Image Credit: Canva and Altitude Locksmiths