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Check out these new fingerprint padlocks!

ABUS Touch™ Padlock 57/45

The padlock rethought!  With the ABUS Touch™ 57, worrying about a lost key or forgetting an opening code are a thing of the past.  Make your life a little easier and secure your bike shed or locker with the ABUS Touch™ 57 weather proof fingerprint lock.  Just touch it and the lock opens.  The 360° -capable sensor identifies up to 20 programmed-in fingerprints from any position – no matter how they are placed on it.  Registering the fingerprints is super fast.  As one of two administrators, simply place your own, already registered finger on the fingerprint sensor for three seconds and “Register Mode” is activated.  Keeping it there for ten seconds triggers the “Delete Mode” setting.  Accidentally deleting the prints is therefore impossible.  The lock is equipped with a replaceable CR2 battery and the stored fingerprints are retained even after replacing the battery.  With the hardened steel shackle and thanks to the double ball locking, your property is secured in the best possible way with a medium risk of theft.  From no on, misplaced keys are a thing of the past!

Recently, I attended the Locksmiths Guild of Australia, trade show held in Melbourne and got to see how this lock functions first hand.  I was impressed with the weather / water display and the padlock itself didn’t feel cheap or light-weight, in fact it felt solid. I asked plenty of questions and it’s safe to say that what I want to use it for, will be perfect for my needs. I will be testing it out in all types of weather, so I will be interested to see what my lock is like in 12 months time.


  • Lock body made of coated zinc die cast
  • Hardened Nano Protect TM shackle
  • CR2 battery
  • Capacitive sensor with minutiae detection
  • 20 fingerprints can be stored
  • Double ball locking
  • Automatic locking
  • Spring-loaded shackle for automatic opening
  • IP certification IP66 and IP68
Image credit: Altitude Locksmiths

Additional Information

Operation and Use

  • For securing medium-value items when there is a medium risk of theft
  • Use in clean areas with good fingerprint recognition
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • Sizes 57/45 and 57/50


  • Before using the touch function, make sure that the sensor, as well as your finger, is clean
  • Please read the notes in the instructions carefully before use
  • Do not store fingerprints more than once. Otherwise this can revoke the function of the administrator
  • A carefully programmed finger is a well-functioning key

Technical Data

  • Depth 23mm
  • Height 95mm
  • Horizontal Clearance 20mm
  • Security Level Home Security 6
  • Shackle diameter 6.5mm
  • Vertical clearance 30mm
  • Weight 361g
  • Colour: silver

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As we are a mobile locksmith business, we can only offer this product to our customers via the post. Prices include postage and packaging within Australia only and this product comes with a 12 month supplier warranty.




Article Credit: ABUS