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Every Home Should Have A Safe

I recently attended the Locksmiths Guild Of Australia 2024 Trade Show, which gave the opportunity for many locksmith suppliers to showcase their products and make contact with suppliers.  I met Jason Carr, from CMI Safe Co. Jason was showcasing a few different safes and had some great information about the different safes that are coming out with specific regulations for the medical industry. CMI are safe manufacturers and all their safes are Australian made.

I purchased a CMI safe a while back and was glad to get in touch with Jason, so I could get an additional shelf for my safe! Their door prize was the small safe you see pictured.  Unfortunately I didn’t win the safe that they were giving away on the day, but there’s always next time!

Image Credit: Altitude Locksmiths LGA Trade Show 2024

What sort of safe should I purchase?

Image Credit: Altitude Locksmiths

As all our customers are well aware, we are a mobile locksmith service only, so we don’t have a shop with displays or a place that you can check out a range of safes, but you can certainly educate yourself about what safes are on the market, that would suit your needs, through various websites.  We can certainly order and install the safe for you.

Every home should have a safe to keep their valuables, jewellery, passports, spare car keys, personal documents, photos even money. 

There are so many safes out there, for all different types of situations, the choices are quite endless.  When I chose my safe, there were specific things I wanted it to do, have and be able to store.  I measured the area, where I wanted the safe to go.  It’s hard to know where to put it, so it won’t be in the way.  I was lucky enough at the time, to go into a show room and look around and select a safe in that way.  

Here are somethings to think about before purchasing a safe:

  1.  Do you want it to be fire resistant?
  2. Do you want it to be flood resistant?
  3. What items do you want to store in it?
  4. Where would the safe be installed?
  5. Do you want it to have a key override or external batteries in case you forget to replace batteries?
  6. How many shelves would you need?

I had a customer tell me once that the safe I recommended was too expensive, because they had seen some cheaper ones elsewhere.  The ones they saw, were no where near the same build or quality and their valuables wouldn’t survive a fire!  If you value the items you’re putting into the safe, then price shouldn’t be the major factor. How would you feel if you lost all your precious photos, that couldn’t be replaced? 

Maybe gather all those items together in a pile and take a look at whether they would fit into some of the safes you have narrowed it down to.  Speak to your safe technician and ask them for their advice, based on your requirements, what they could recommend.  As I learnt when I purchased my safe, a slightly bigger one would have been great, but for what I use the safe for, it fits everything in perfectly, because sometimes you see other items that should be in the safe too!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a CMI safe to our customers, they are well made, sturdy, easy to use, install, set pass codes and best of all they are not easy to break into.  

Article Credit: Altitude Locksmiths