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Protecting Your Home From Theft

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It might shock you to know that 1 in 4 burglaries happen through unlocked doors or windows.

Last year we posted a bit of content relating to “How Safe Is Your Place?” prompting everyone to think about their own homes and even businesses and its safety.

Sometimes the idea of upgrading security can be overwhelming and it can drive us to think it might be costly, but not always. Simple things like trimming hedges or bushes around doors, keeping rubbish bins away from gates and fences and getting to know your neighbours are just a few things that are easy to do and doesn’t cost much.

Here are some questions from the Neighbourhood Watch for WA and the WA Police that might help you or give you something to think about, to keep your 

home and belongings safe and reduce the risk of a theft occurring, especially if you’re planning on heading away. They even have an online quiz and I have added this link below.

– Are your plants trimmed so it’s hard for burglars to hide behind?

– Are your wheelie bins placed away from access points e.g gates and fences?

– Is your house number clearly visible from the street for quick identification by emergency services?

– Do you have locks and security screens fitted on all your doors and windows?

– Does your house have an automatic light timer or sensor lights?

Image Credit: Altitude Locksmiths
Image Credit: Canva

– Does your home have an active alarm and CCTV?

– Is your gate, garage and shed kept locked and are your tools locked away?

– Is your letter and meter box locked?

– Are your valuables photographed and recorded for easy identification?

– Do you remove personal information from important documents before disposal?

– Do you know your neighbours?

– Are your bikes registered on bikelinc.com.au?

– Is your CCTV system registered on Cam-Map WA?


Typically, burglars will always take advantage of the quick, easiest opportunity where there is little to no risk of being caught. By making small changes around your home and keeping doors and windows lock, even when you are at home, including security screen doors, it reduces the risk of a break-in. Sneak thefts are quite common and occur when doors or windows are left unlocked and the home owner isn’t aware that the thief has even entered.  Keep keys away from doors and out of sight and lock all your doors and windows.

Do you know what to do if you fall victim to a break-in?

The Neighbourhood Watch WA and WA Police advice is that if you suspect there’s someone inside your home, DO NOT go inside, go to your neighbours or remain outside and call the Police. If you see the burglar leaving your home, ensure to take note of their physical appearance, including face / appearance, rough age and gender, what clothing and shoes are they wearing, any distinguishing marks or tattoos, are they carrying anything and the date and time this occurred.

If they are leaving in a vehicle, note the make, model and colour, any obvious scrapes or dents and the number plate. These details will be highly important when reporting to Police.

If a burglar has left, don’t touch anything until the Police have been able to gather evidence, including fingerprints and DNA samples. Report any stolen credit cards and cheques to your bank as soon as possible and check in with your neighbours to see if they saw anything suspicious.

Image Credit: Altitude Locksmiths

If car and house keys have been stolen, it’s always a good idea to have the locks rekeyed and remotes cleared. As long as the locks haven’t been damaged during the break-in, no hardware needs to be changed, keeping the costs down. Most modern car keys can be recoded and remotes cleared, so if the burglar happens to come back for round 2, they won’t be successful in taking the car or getting into the house. In many cases, depending on your insurance policy, providers will cover most if not all the costs.

By following these basic steps, you can help reduce and prevent your home being broken into.

For more information visit the Neighbourhood Watch WA website, they offer some great resources, including bin stickers, UV marker pens and lost of other useful information.

Article Credit: Altitude Locksmiths and Neighbourhood Watch WA