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Secure Your Home By Rekeying The Locks

Rekeying locks involves changing the lock pins within key barrel so that it works using a different key. This is often done for security reasons, such as when someone moves into a new home or office space, when employees leave and wants to ensure that only they have access to the property, especially if there have been altercations and no keys have been returned. Instead of replacing the entire lock, a locksmith can rekey it by changing the pins inside the lock cylinder to suit a new key. It’s a cost-effective solution that provides peace of mind without the need for a full lock replacement, depending on the lock, rekeying is often a third of the price.

Rekeying the locks offers a few benefits:

  •  Enhanced Security: Rekeying a lock ensures that the previous keys will no longer work, providing a higher level of security.  This is particularly useful when moving into a new home or office, or if you’ve lost track of who has access to your home or keys and even when the keys have been lost or stolen.
  • Cost Effective: Rekeying a lock is usually less expensive than replacing the entire lock mechanism.  It allows you to change the key while keeping the existing lock hardware intact, saving money on purchasing new locks.
  • Convenience:  If you have multiple locks around your home or business, that you’d like to be on the same key, rekeying can reduce the amount of 

keys you carry.  Most common locks can be rekeyed to match a single key, eliminating the need to carry around multiple keys for different locks.

  • Maintains Aesthetic Appeal: Rekeying a lock preserves the appearance of the existing hardware, avoiding the need for any changes to the doors appearance that may come with replacing the entire lock.
  • Quick and Effcient:  Rekeying a lock is usually a relatively quick process compared to replacing the entire lock.  A locksmith can typically complete the rekeying process on-site, minimising disruption and noise.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that only you and anyone you give a key to have access to your property, can peace of mind, especially in situations where security is a concern.

Many of our customers that ask us to “change the locks” aren’t aware of this option.  As along as the lock is not damaged we can change the pins to suit a new key, meaning the old key will no longer work.  Many of our customers who have had their keys stolen or lost choose this option and it is practical, cost effective solution to secure the property again, without the need of a full lock replacement.

Article Credit: Altitude Locksmiths and Image Credit: Altitude Locksmiths & Canva