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You may have lost your keys, but don't become a statistic

Recent crime statistics show that theft has grown into the third largest category of crime nationwide, costing all of us nearly 3 billion per year. Many thefts start simply, when a homeowner loses a purse or even just a set of car keys or house keys. Theft leads to not just a loss of assets, but also of your sense of security.

Stolen keys can overturn your life

Why can stolen keys or a lost handbag turn your life upside down? They can find your house from your licence, open your doors, take what they want, sometimes while you’re still waiting for a locksmith to get back into your car. While you wait, criminals can take what they want from your home, at leisure. If they like what they see, they may return again and again.

Losing items such as car keys, house keys, bank cards and licences, far from being merely inconvenient, can cost you money and expose your family to loss of privacy and even personal danger.

How to get back your peace of mind

Let us help to make you and your family feel safer, if this happens. At Altitude Locksmiths, our experienced, professional locksmith service can cover every possible angle. We can get your vehicle locking system reprogrammed and in most cases, your old keys in the hands of the criminal, will instantly become useless, making your vehicle more safe from theft.

We can also rekey most of your house locks and car door locks, without replacing all the hardware, making the stolen keys useless, so even with your address and keys in hand, a criminal can’t walk right into your home as if he or she owned it. Securing the door locks to your home will help to turn criminals away from what they may think is an easy grab of your valuables.

Finally, we can also reprogram most garage door remotes, while we are on site. Many of us don’t consider how vulnerable a garage can render a home. Once the burglar gets inside your garage and sifts through valuables there, he or she can often stroll right into your home. Too many people carelessly leave their house door locks into their garage unlocked. Often the door leading from the garage into the house, through poor construction or insufficient locking, presents very little challenge to a determined thief.

You can take preventative measures to help reduce your inconvenience in the event of losing your car keys or house keys. Some experts suggest placing a small tab on your keychain with your phone number and offer a reward for safe return. Also make sure that you have a spare sets in easy to reach locations so that you can get on your way quickly after losing the primary set.

Don’t let your life get turned upside down by stolen car keys and house keys along with your personal information. Call us for a fast, efficient locksmith service, to protect your home, vehicles and most of all your peace of mind.

Credit: Copyscape, Canva Image, Western Australian Police Force